About the brewery



The chief brewer and cleaner, Eben Roux, started dabbling in the art of crafting beer in 2007. The mission was easier said than done, create a select few beers that was easy to drink and enjoy and then start a brewery! After much trial and experimenting he suspected he got it right with no avoidance from friends and family requesting beers for parties and get-togethers.

The brewery is as a small Nano Brewery with a brew length of 150lt with no fancy equipment and loads of manual labour involved but we are living a dream and smiling whilst doing all the hard work making great beer!

Finally, the brewery was officially started in a small warehouse in Jet Park, Boksburg, in November 2014 and we are planning on self distributing to a few local pubs in the area and will also be attending a few beer festivals. We also looking at supplying a complete beer dispensing setup to bachelors and birthday parties where friends can enjoy great beer at their own venue and leisure. A percentage of the beer will also be bottled and be available at a few local bottle stores – the website will be updated to show availability once we have secured the outlets.

For the beer purists out there – at Three Stags Brewery we aim to brew great tasting beers and not all beers are brewed to official style guidelines but to give you an idea as to what we are aiming at please feel free to refer to the official BJCP Guidelines as a reference when drinking our beers.

We don’t do brewery tours yet but hope to do it in the near future as it is always great to meet the people who drink our beer and to share the process of beer going from grain to glass in a very small brewery.